July 13, 2024

The job of entrance mats is cut out for them. They must clean the insides of the commercial property and remove dirt, dampness, mud, and filth from the shoe bottoms. A nice entrance mat will take care of this for you.

These mats have a lot of visibility because they’re right outside your front door.

When people walk into an office, retail, restaurant, hotel, or club, they notice them first. As a result, they’re an excellent area to display a logo, a brand asset, or another marketing message. That’s how you acquire a personalized logo mat.

Though custom rugs with logocan be used both outside and indoors, the functions are slightly different in each. Outdoor logo mats are responsible for removing dirt from shoe soles before customers enter the building or site, so they must scrape effectively. They must also have enough depth to conceal a lot of dirt and keep it hidden until cleaning day. Finally, they must be able to survive the harsh weather conditions they will encounter outside.

Indoor logo mats are expected to meet a variety of needs. First, when it comes to being exposed to dirt from shoe bottoms, they are usually second in line. In most situations, a durable outdoor mat has already removed the majority of dirt from shoes. Indoor logo mats are used in these situations to catch any lingering dirt and keep the lobby perfectly clean. As a result, they stay reasonably clean for the most part. Second, interior logo mats do not have to be limited to the entrance. They can be utilized as floor mats, display area mats, area dividers, and more throughout the showroom, store, workplace, or facility. Finally, because people wait in lobbies and reception areas and spend time in various inside spaces, indoor logo mats have a longer duration of exposure. As a result, these mats must appear luxurious and classy. Aesthetics and components such as color, print, and texture are all important.

Inlaid logo mats and printed logo mats are the two most common types of custom logo mats. We wrote an in-depth post regarding both of these types of logo mats, which may be useful in determining which form of logo mats would be best for you. That post may be seen here and here.

We have two varieties of logo mats in store that are suitable for indoor use.

Logo Mats with Print

Print Logo Mats are effective at trapping dirt and water, assisting in the maintenance of a clean floor. They can even be referred to as custom logo rugs because they are practically the same as nylon rugs! These indoor logo mats may be customized with your company’s logo, name, address, brand assets, tagline, or any other information you like, making them great marketing tools. Use them as doormats or floor mats all over the office. They come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll be able to pick something that meets your needs.

Print logo mats employ computer-controlled digital printing to produce precise, detailed designs in an infinite number of color combinations.

These indoor logo mats are great for printing detailed and intricate designs, as well as designer-style logos, graphics, and illustrations because they are printed. Images are permanently dyed into a three-dimensional nylon carpet using a digital printing process. As a result, graphics don’t simply rub off over time, and the design lasts longer.

The rubber backing on Print Logo Mats holds the mat in place and adds safety. It’s perfect for entrances and locations with moderate traffic.

Ideal for use at the following locations:

  • Construction of an apartment complex
  • Entrances to offices
  • Retail establishments
  • Malls
  • Shop fronts
  • Temporary stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs