July 11, 2024

Home décor is typically our method of personalising a room. Not only does it provide us a feeling of belonging, but it also allows us to be comfortable in our surroundings. It is also a kind of self-expression and a vital approach to demonstrate your preferences and personality.

Indeed, our surroundings have a significant influence on our mood. This is why individuals who are depressed tend to have dirtier bedrooms, and although cleaning it all up doesn’t fix all of our life’s issues, it does help you feel more in control than before!

The main issue with most house décor is that it is not particularly eco-friendly. Pieces often include a lot of polymers and non-ethically produced wood – particularly if you’re purchasing on a budget. Anyone wanting to live more responsibly may have an issue with that, but it doesn’t mean you should abandon house décor completely! Continue reading to learn more about ways to make your home design more eco-friendly.

Flowers and plants
Plants and flowers are perfect eco-friendly décor to arrange about your house, whether you acquire them from an online flower store, the local farmer’s market, or produce them yourself. You may need to refresh floral arrangements more often if you have a tiny garden next to your window or indoor plants and flower pots hanging from the walls or ceilings. Even a little herb garden in your kitchen may give the space a whole new feel, not to mention how beneficial the herb garden would be.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you source your home décor from nature. Not all flowers in stores are ethically sourced, and imported flowers (particularly those that are out of season in your own nation) may have been cultivated on farms where workers is underpaid and poorly treated. These flowers are then brought into your nation on aircraft, leaving a massive carbon impact despite the fact that they are plants.
Decorate on a Budget
You will not only be purchasing something that is not harmful to the environment, but you will also be lowering the amount of waste in the world by thrifting and recycling your décor.

Local thrift shops provide a wide variety of gorgeous, timeless, and even antique art items that would complement your home décor well. Since 2020, it’s become simpler than ever to find thrifted décor online.

Recycling and Do-It-Yourself
Another fantastic method to decorate your house in an ethical manner is to create all of the decorations yourself. With polymer clay, you may create paintings, wall art, texture collages, sketches, sculptures, as well as attractive things made of paper mache and cardboard to adorn your house.

The internet is plenty with comparable ideas — try paper flowers on a string or a DIY lamp shade of your choosing, or go ahead and make something more lovely like glass pressed flowers or a plaster of paris statue. With a little non-toxic paint and other art tools, you may create gorgeous décor to hang about your house.

Purchase from Eco-Friendly Companies
If you do want to buy your home décor from a manufacturer, search for ethical companies who are open about where their products come from. Using recycled plastics and wood that has been ethically obtained is always a responsible choice, as is purchasing your furnishings from local companies that compensate their people properly.

This manner, you can help companies in need while still purchasing something environmentally responsible and artistically crafted. Most small firms would be delighted to do business with you and give you with excellent service, and you may even discover one willing to assist you with unique items. The only disadvantage is that purchasing from them may be more costly, but this is typically true for ethical decor or any other product on the market today.

If you want to identify the perfect company, search for one that is open about how their goods are manufactured and whose packaging is as environmentally conscious as their products.