July 8, 2024

Many people think that it is difficult to remove grease stains from concrete, but it isn’t true. There are several ways to remove them. However, some of them might take more time to show the results that you are looking for. The most commonly used material for sidewalks, patios, and driveways is concrete. Besides, it is common to observe grease stains on concrete. It is necessary to take action from your side, as soon as you see the grease stains. In fact, it would be challenging for you to remove these stains as the days goes on.

Baking soda is used for various purposes and one of them is removing grease stains. As baking soda acts as a cleanser as well as an absorbent, you can use it on grease stains without giving it a second thought. For removing the grease stains, you have to apply the baking soda to the areas where you observe stains. Applying the baking soda to the affected area, let it sit for around 20mins to 30mins. Take some warm water and a scrub brush post 20mins to 30mins to clean this area now.

Check whether the stains (grease or oil) are gone completely. If you still observe the stains, repeat the above procedure several times. By this time, you would have understood that it takes a long time to remove oil from concrete. If you are busy with your other work and looking for a quick solution for grease stain removal, you could try the Terminator HSD concrete cleaner powder. As it is quite affordable, go for it to save your money and time.

Vinegar Solution

You can use vinegar as well for removing the grease or oil stains, but it is not an easy process. In fact, it might take a good number of hours to show the results. Take two tablespoons of vinegar and half a cup of washing soda. Mix both of them. Now take half a cup of dishwasher detergent and add it to this solution. Apply this solution to the grease stains on the floor and leave it for around 30mins to 45mins.

Post this take a scrub brush and rub it on the affected area for around 5mins to 10mins. Take some water and clean this affected area to see the output. If these stains are not removed completely, repeat the above procedure several times. Coke can also be used on grease stains. Take some coke and put it on the grease or oil stains. Let it sit for 15mins to 20mins. Brush that area using a scrub brush for 5mins and clean it with water. Even in this case, you have to repeat the above process several times until you see the desired result.

How to find the best concrete cleaner on market?

Read the customer reviews of various brands available on market. Avoid choosing the brands, which have negative reviews. There are also some review websites, which you can check, to make your job easy.