July 8, 2024

If you have a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler, cleaning your swamp cooler pad pads every year is a good idea. This should happen when the swamp cooler is first turned on for the season. Simple steps that could make a big impact are cleaning your pads, if your swamp coolant isn’t working as well, and you haven’t cleaned the pads yet.

Instructions To Clean Swamp Cooler Pads

The following steps will guide you through cleaning your swamp cooler cushions. You can clean your swamp cooler pads yourself. However, you should contact an HVAC specialist if this is something that you feel uncomfortable doing. This service usually comes with the cost of having someone come out to clean your swamp cooler. You should inquire to confirm that this service is included.

1. Pick A Sunny Day With Pleasant Weather

Make sure it’s sunny. Avoid cleaning your swamp cooler pad if it is windy or stormy. Your ladder should be secured and placed on a solid, level surface.

2. Turn Off The Power Supply To Your Swamp Cooler

First, make sure the swamp cooler’s electricity is turned off. To access the power outlet, remove your swamp cooler’s panel. Unplug both power wires for the motor and the pump. The receptacles will be located inside your unit.

3. Get The Cooling Pads

The next step involves removing the pads. They are attached to the cooler’s front and covered with a mesh. You will need to first take off the panel to remove the front covering. Once you have removed all the front mesh coverings, the top panels will come off easily.

Once the pads have been removed, the water distribution tubes that are on the top of the pads should be removed. Simply lift the tube and place it sideways, as it isn’t tied to anything. Keep goods safe, especially if it’s on a sloped roof.

The pads will easily slip on and off at this stage.

4. Examine The Condition Of Your Pads

After the pads have been taken off, examine the condition. Are they beginning to collapse? Are they extremely heavy? If your answer to one or both of these questions is yes, then your pipes need to be replaced.

After inspecting them, take them off the roof and move them to the ground.

5. Cleaning Cooling Pads

Once the roof has been removed, you can shake the pads to make a rug. This is an easy method to get rid of any foreign material that may have accumulated on your pads.

You should inspect each pad side-by-side for instructions.

The pads should then be washed. Grab your hose. Slant the pad downward. The pads are identified by the grooves in the sides. The debris may be forced through the pad.

Each pad should be washed with great care. If the calcium isn’t removed easily, you will need to change them.

After cleaning them, move them gently back up the ladder onto the roof.

6. Swamp Cooler Pads Can Be Replaced

You can replace the pads in their original spots. Verify that the pads have been properly inserted. Once you’ve replaced the pads, make sure to replace the distribution tube.

Screw the panels back together.

7. Reconnect Everything

Reconnect the pump, as well the swamp-cooler engine. Fix the metal panel by screwing it in place.