July 14, 2024

A split air conditioner (AC) is, as its name implies, divided into two halves. The outside unit is composed of a compressor and condenser, whereas the inside unit is an air-handling device. Connecting the two units are condenser tubes or refrigerant lines. Unlike conventional air conditioning units, which house all of their components in a single cabinet, split AC requires two separate components. Additionally, they are not installed in the window or on the ceiling.

Choosing the ideal air conditioner for your house is not as simple as it seems. Before picking the best option, you must take into account a number of crucial criteria. But, one thing is certain: anytime your air conditioner exhibits any unexpected behavior or requires repair, you should contact Wholesale Aircon for the best AC repair services in Australia. There are several forms of air conditioning, including window AC, ceiling AC, portable AC, etc. However, 7kw split system have acquired more popularity than any other type, and even now the majority of homes choose split air conditioners. Here are the advantages of a split air conditioner that have made it the most popular type of air conditioner:

Simple Installation

Split air conditioners are easier to install than conventional air conditioners since they require no ducting. To link the interior and outdoor unit, just approximately a 3-inch diameter gap is necessary. Even if the distance between the units is 100 feet, they can still be linked. Copper tubing and control wings are fed through this space for the connection.

The only remaining steps are mounting the interior unit and creating an electrical cable. In addition to being incredibly cost-effective, the installation requires relatively few adjustments. The split AC services offered by Wholesale Aircon in Australia are installed quickly and precisely.

Energy Effective

Due to ductwork, central air conditioners waste a great deal of energy, and leaking ducts can result in a 30% reduction in cooling capability. A difficulty with energy efficiency comes when ducting is uninsulated or has been put in unconditioned areas.

As the split AC is fully ductless, it conserves a substantial amount of energy and minimizes the cost of future electricity bills. They are also useful for spaces that lack sufficient ventilation or circulation since they can chill a room with minimal energy usage. In some instances, split ACs can provide roughly double the cooling capability of ducted AC.

It’s Extremely Quiet

Due to the condenser and fan, traditional air conditioning systems, particularly window units, tend to generate noise. Sometimes the noise is so loud that it is difficult to carry on a discussion within the room. As the compressor and condenser of a split AC are located outside, the air handler located inside produces less noise.

The compressor of a split air conditioner may be placed up to 100 feet away from the inside unit, making it perfect for use in schools, libraries, boardrooms, bedrooms, etc. One of the greatest benefits of split AC is that it maintains a cool environment with less noise.

Simple Maintenance

We are not claiming that split ACs are low-maintenance, but they are easier to maintain than other AC kinds. The filters that require periodic cleaning are simply removable and may be cleaned independently.

The outdoor unit is constructed so that a technician from Wholesale Aircon, which provides air conditioning services in Australia, can readily access it for maintenance and repair.


Several split AC types conserve energy and money, such as the inverter AC. When cooling certain regions of the house, these air conditioners consume less energy and operate more efficiently. The inside unit can spread its air, so conserving energy and money.

Split ACs may also operate on solar power, which is an additional benefit for those that utilize solar panels to generate electricity. It also features a variety of climatic and cooling modes, including cold, dry, and fan-only.

In addition, Wholesale Aircon strives to provide the best AC services in your area. The team of qualified specialists guarantees the highest level of service quality, dependability, and cost-effectiveness. Ensure that you select the appropriate service provider for your needs.